Majestic Voices

The Majestic Voices features contemporary gospel music, embodying the Christian experience of those 18 years and up that express the message that Jesus is Lord.

What We Do

We sing skillfully and proficiently on the 2nd Sunday of each month as well as assigned outings and special engagements.

How We Fit

Our fit in the global vision of Second Ebenezer is to provide music ministry that gives encouragement, empowerment and enrichment. Our ability to declare the Word and derail the enemy is accomplished through our singing under the anointing and allowing God’s presence to bless those who attend the worship service as well as in the streets, nursing homes, and shelters where we visit. We are a “ministry that just happens to sing.”


Rehearsals are held Tuesday evenings from 7:30p – 9p. We rehearse 3 consecutive Tuesdays before the 2nd Sunday of each month.


Ministry Director – Dr. Shawny DeBerry