Divine Vessels of Praise (DVOP)

The Divine Vessels of Praise features praise dance, as a creative arts enhancement, to our praise & worship experience at Second Ebenezer Church.

What We Do

We dance before the Lord, invoking an atmosphere worship, spiritual engagement and active involvement, for all attendees.

How We Fit

Our fit in the global vision of Second Ebenezer is to provide an added creative arts component, dance, to the worship flow. Our ability to define the future and derail the enemy is accomplished through our preparedness and powerful dance presentation of musical interpretations.


Our team serves every 2nd and 3rd Sunday. Youth Dancers serve on 4th Sunday.

Our rehearsals are held every Tuesday for adults, and Thursdays for youth. Additional rehearsals are held on Thursdays and Saturdays for special assignments only.


Ministry Director – Tiffani Smith