New Membership

We feature new membership introduction and connection to Second Ebenezer Church. This is accomplished through intake, communication, administration, teaching, and after care follow up.

What We Do

We facilitate the (smooth) transition from membership to Christian discipleship within Second Ebenezer Church. Through teaching, praying and mentorship, members are strengthened in their walk with Christ and firmly rooted in their faith.

How We Fit

Our fit in the global vision of Second Ebenezer is making sure that new members are informed, foundationally grounded in the Word and securely connected to their new c church home.


Intake processes new members at every service. Administration is ongoing. Communication calls members weekly. Teaching takes place monthly on the 2nd through the 5th Sundays. Members are Presented to the church monthly on the 1st Sunday during 10a service. After Care makes bi-weekly contacts for a period of at least 90 days.


Ministry Director – William Ayers