The College Ministry



Our mission is to assist the college students of Second Ebenezer in strengthening their networking skills and improving connectivity among students pursuing common goals.

We aim to have a network of college-educated professionals as well as students in different stages of higher education supporting each other and sharing information, resources, and experiences.


“You attract what you put out. If you complain all the time, you will only attract other complainers and their unhappiness, but if you get up each morning with a song of praise in your heart and sing it all day, you will attract praise, happiness, and joy. So put a smile on your face. Go out determined to enjoy each day!” – Joel Osteen

Tips for Successful Students

Internships… Your degree was never meant to stand alone. Successful students know the power of a college degree and multiple internships. If you are a freshman or a senior, it’s never too late. Degrees prove education and internships provide experience. Experience gives you an edge in the job market. Your degree is the ship and an internship is the engine. How far do you want to go? When you graduate, be the candidate with both education and experience.

Starting Your College Semester

Before the semester begins, try to get all of the books for your courses (all you need is the ISBN # from either the bookstore on campus or the professor of the course). Online sites such as or will have textbooks for discounted prices. If you get your books EARLY, you are in a position to look over the chapters and become familiar with the topics before your professors actually assign readings! No one plans to fail, but many people fail to plan!


Andraya Lee, Ministry Leader