Eb Gives

Giving with a plan, passion, and purpose.

Eb Gives is a movement to better position ourselves as great stewards of God’s blessings and glory. We are the hands and feet of Jesus in the earth which means that our faith is not without works. Every gift that WE give helps to fulfill Jesus’ mandate of saving the lost and discipling the found. “We” is what Eb Gives is all about — the community of Second Ebenezer giving, and we together as one house, one church, sowing into the lives of others and our communities.

Eb Gives is not just about what you’re giving to Second Ebenezer, it’s about what Second Ebenezer is doing and giving as God has called us to along with your generous partnership with us in saving and changing lives for Christ. We understand that there are many avenues that you can give unto the Lord, and we’re grateful that you’ve decided to share your gift here with us!

Eb Gives is our story of a group of believers that give with a plan, passion, and purpose. We give out of the abundance of our spiritual, emotional and physical blessings from Christ. We know that it all comes from Him, and God loves those that give generously and cheerfully!

Share your story with us using #EbGives.


What Eb Gives Means

Your giving should be intentional and PLANNED.
Give with your financial awareness in mind, and be purposeful in giving consistently.

2 Your giving should have PASSION.
Always give “in the right spirit,” cheerfully, and generously.

3 Your giving should have PURPOSE.
Give purposefully with the understanding that your gift is helping to impact lives reached through this ministry every day. You gift leaves your hand but never leaves your life.

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