Senior Pastor, Bishop Edgar Vann II

First Lady, Elder Sheila R. Vann

Executive Administrator to the Bishop, Membership Services, Trustee Rhonda Graves

Chief Ministry Officer, Arthur Williams

Executive Assistant, Receptionist, E-Rhonda Miller

Chief Operating Officer, Tabitha Goodner

Director General, Edgar Vann Ministries, Manager, Kathy Pope

Special Assistant to the Bishop, Pastoral Care, Elder Gu-woin Ingram

Youth Director (ChoZen Teens), Dillon Brown

Children’s Ministry Director, Sabrina Quince

Director of Music, Elder James Johnson II

Client/Vendor Services, Marester Thomas

Facilities Manager, Roger Crawford

Facilities Assistant, Dwayne Maton

Multimedia Director, Ted Whitely

Communications Manager, Mel Mills

Risk Management, Erica Terry