Rise of The ChoZen

The ChoZen Youth Ministry will minister with an illustrated sermon, titled “The Rise of The ChoZen… battling the spiritual armies of Satan” during Youth Weekend, June 25th. This will be a spoken word production featuring the ChoZen Mime Team, Divine Vessels Of Praise (DVOP), and The Next Dimension of Praise Youth Choir (NDPYC).

A powerful word will be brought forth by Minister James C. Hayes of Run The Race Ministries, LLC!

Join us for a great time with Word and worship as we make a stand with our lives to Christ!


Fight for the Family

Our Fight for the Family Bible Study Series (Nehemiah 4:14) returns this Wednesday night with special sessions for singles, married couples, and our teens.

Service will begin at 6:45p for each group in their respective areas as follows:

  • Married couples – chapel
  • Singles – sanctuary
  • Teens – High-Tech Conference Room (2nd level)

Each group should go directly to your assigned area for the start of service. Invite your family and friends to share with us and as we gather to hear what God has to say about our lives!

Mann’s World Family Tour

The Mann’s World Family Tour comes to Detroit, featuring Tamela and David Mann in this special concert and comedy show!

CANCELLED: Share Your Faith

Do you have a passion for people? Learn how to connect with others by sharing your faith!

This workshop will equip you with the tools to practically and effectively communicate God’s love for people, and how to boldly share your faith in the everyday situations, sometimes intimidating situations.

Are you ready?!? Let’s grow higher in Jesus, fulfilling the Great Commission “to make disciples and teach them to observe the things Jesus has commanded” (Matthew 28:19-20).

Register today

*Registration is just $50.00. Light breakfast and lunch will be provided.

40th Anniversary Service, Pastor David Johnson

Join us for this special “Bread of Life” Pastoral Anniversary Service — Celebrating 40 years of “A Lasting Legacy!”

Pastor David A. Johnson, II and Kingdom Covenant Church come to share with us.

Detroit 67 Prayer Gathering

Join us for an evening of prayer and vision for our city!

Although issues of racial injustice go back centuries, to the very foundation of America, the awareness of these issues for many of us came to a head in the mid 1960’s, with Detroit being in the forefront with the racial unrest in the summer of 1967. Now, 50 years later, the issue of racial injustice is back in the forefront in America. Detroit has a unique opportunity to speak into this issue and to give a demonstration to our nation of how we can REVERSE negative trends and set in motion new ways of cooperating with one another and showing respect to all.

The One Church of metro Detroit will launch a series of initiatives that are intended to further discussion on racial issues and, at the same time, to take action in tangible ways to change relational atmosphere in our city, and ultimately share the good news of Jesus Christ.